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Laying in the sand --- OK - I can dig that!

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  Date: June 2014


I can now confirm that the Almost Royal show Fabio participated in is going to be the season premiere!

It will broadcast on BBC America this Saturday 21st June at 10ET (7PT)

and will be immediately followed by episode 2 which we filmed in Boston.

(Waiting on next schedule of appearances)

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Fabio out on the Road Again (Earlier this year)

SCHEDULE (.docx)

New Articles



The movie Dumbbells is on DirecTV (as of 1/12/14) - And check out this Article:


The Facebook Ladies have dug up some links.

'Half-Ton Killer': Nutrition Advice from Fabio on.aol.com
Mayra's doctor plans a special surprise: a visit from Fabio.


Movie - Dumbells

Dumbbells will be released on 1/10/14.

There is a new contest just posted today on the main site, you can win a trip to los angeles or las vegas to party with Fabio at the premiere.

The contest entry is in the lower right hand corner. You have to give the main page time to load. (Ooops! Sometimes programmers forget the public isn't all sporting T1 lines, high-speed DSL - when AT&T not throttling service, etc.)

See Also:


Movie - A Breath Away (Cameo)

An inspirational based film, "A Breath Away," will be coming soon to cinemas

http://www.huntingtonnews.net/77718 Fabio in the trailer. Film will be in theaters in 2014.


Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff & Fabio Get Familiar at Cafe Med!!


Older News:

From Fabio (August 2013):


Ten days ago, my beloved younger sister Christina passed away at the age of 48, after a prolonged battle with cancer. The sense of loss and grief our family is experiencing is beyond words. My deepest thanks to the many people who have reached out to me to express their condolences. Your support and kindness means a lot during this difficult time.  

Read Fabio's Letter HERE (PDF)

If you are on the FanClub Facebook page, I am forwarding comments left there. We all send our deepest sympathy.





This Sunday, August 18, on OWN, Fabio fans will have a chance to catch up with the iconic Italian male model when he appears on “OPRAH: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?” at 8PM/7PM Central. Fabio sits down to talk about his childhood and career, and he addresses the popular question, is he finally ready to settle down?



Fabio 2013


Episode Description: Fabio, the Italian model whose image graced the cover of countless romance novels in the nineties, got the “Oprah Show” audience riled up in 1995. Today, at age 54, he shows us his Los Angeles home where he lives with his five rescue dogs and a massive collection of high powered cars and motorcycles. Plus, he talks about his childhood in Italy, aging, nutrition and why he’s never been married, but now is ready to settle down for good.

Next, Erin Brockovich was the real life single mom with no formal education who brought a billion-dollar power company to its knees while working as a file clerk in a law office. She skyrocketed to fame when the film about her life starring Julia Roberts became a hit. Erin’s first television appearance was on the “Oprah Show” in 2000. Today, we catch up with her to see how sudden fame came at a price and how the change affected her family. She talks about her struggle with alcohol and her determination to be a “rockin” grandmother.

Then, Todd Bridges was one of the most famous young actors of the 70’s and 80’s, but his wild and dangerous behavior, numerous arrests and stints in and out of rehab made him a poster child for young stars gone bad. Todd admitted to pimping and drug dealing on the “Oprah Show.” Now, as the sole surviving member of the fictional “Diff’rent Strokes” Drummond family, Todd talks about how he dealt with those losses and about the most important role of his life, being a father.

FABIO LANZONI, more frequently known as Fabio, is the iconic Italian model who graced the covers of hundreds of romance novels during the 1980s and 1990s. He even wrote a few novels himself in the early 1990s, including “Pirate,” “Rogue” and “Viking.” He has had some of the most memorable television commercials of all time, including campaigns for “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” and Nationwide Insurance. In addition to commercials, Fabio has appeared on several television shows such as “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Step by Step” and “The Suite Life on Deck.” He also has a few film cameos to his name, including “Dude Where’s My Car?” and “Zoolander.” IN THIS INTERVIEW, FABIO TAKES US BEHIND THE WELL-KNOWN NAME AND FACE, SHOWING THE WORLD HIS HOME IN LOS ANGELES WHICH HE SHARES WITH HIS FIVE RESCUE DOGS, AND TALKING ABOUT HIS CHILDHOOD IN ITALY, AGING, NUTRITION AND WHY HE HAS NEVER BEEN MARRIED...BUT HE MIGHT BE READY TO SETTLE DOWN FOR GOOD.

Viewing: https://owncomm.box.com/s/l1q45qn4554gdzb1c5bi
Broadcast: https://owncomm.box.com/s/hj2sghm1xq93ohv6mfgo
Audio: https://owncomm.box.com/s/no8c25ozu2577cmklevy

     Fabio and His Agent Have MOVED

     The new mailing address for the fans/picture requests is as follows:

     Fabio, Inc.
     c/o Eric Ashenberg
     4712 Admiralty Way, #1110
     Marina Del Rey, CA. 90292

     Agents - email me Donnamaie@sbcglobal.net and I will forward your contact information to Eric.

     Office and photo request information

   From 2012:

   Webmaster Loose Stalking Fabio Again!

   Sept: The second image is Carson Lee and Peter Raffin (L 2 R) who kept me entertained while I waited in line.

   Click to enlarge

  Fabio Speaking to Customer - Watch that shirt   Lee - Raffin   happy customer - catch that bicep

    Fabio at Whole Foods   Webmaster and Fabio in Cupertino

  It was HOT, I stood in line over an hour, and I wasn't feeling all that well.
(I will NOT go out without DARK eyeshadow again!)

  It was fun watching people react. Who - oh! and the women who would run up - stand near him while he was talking to someone else - while their husband grabbed a photo. One woman did it twice. Boys (teens) ran up in groups to do these photobombs. Hysterical. One husband took shots - carried the camera to his wife who shoved it in her purse (not dressed to hae a photo of her with him, and also the line was long.)

  Let me say this - that body is rock-solid. He's in FABULOUS shape! And I got hugged a couple of times!

  then I got in the car....and right into traffic! Took an hour to get home!

  20MPH at tach 3 is 2nd gear (about to shift) - was awhile before I could shift.

  traffic slow   Deceptive looking


Fabio does an hilarious appearance on Conan

I will start by hugging your coastline
I will make you wet, really wet
I will pound your coast really hard with my big, big waves
Over, and over, and over
I will come in your port and rock your boats all night long
And... I will destroy a school.
..... Tropical Storm Fabio.......


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