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    Date: October, 2006

America's Next Top Model

He was on WEDNESDAY (late October) and SUNDAY Oct 2 9th
Posed with the girls

Meeting their co-star - most were too damn young to "get" him or who he was!

Silly girls - must have been raised in a closet.

Check out the Photos below: Meow!

Top-Model-1 - Michelle - "Who's My Baby's Daddy?" Try who's the Mommy - Girl never held a child before? Was she raised in a box? NEver played with dolls? Nevertheless - they were in a hurry and annoyed - he got upset - Note the look - he said "She's young - She's new to the business -- she'll learn" SHe never cuddled on a bed with a man before? ANY member of the fan club would have LEPT into that bed!

Top-Model-2 - Amanda - "The Other Woman" Look to the upper left of this page - I am busy removing the woman - I have Photoshop ! Odd pose - Hey! Fabio can lean on my thigh anytime!

Top-Model-3 - Anchal - "Pyramids" She was dressed as Cleo - He was made up as an Egyptian. Shoot the make-up artist! That took some decoding. The close up doesn't show what they had him wearing. She kept backing her booty up into him. Wouldn't we all have done that? Poor man. So much work. So little time. So many women.

Top-Model-4 - Brooke - "Don't Leave Me!" She looks to be in pain - He has the patience of a saint. He was trying to help her - the screen shot was when he was trying to see what she was doing wrong - She didn't want to grab his LARGE thigh ---- SIGH! We would have been perfectly able to to do that! Right ladies?

Top-Model-5 - CariDee - "But I Love Her" - But she's stiff as a board - plus he was annoyed with the photographer - we were too - Notice he isn't looking at the woman he's "holding"

Top-Model-6 - Eugena - "Oh No You Didn't!" Didn't what? He and the model complained about the pose - screen shot is him asking for direction and saying it was uncomfortable - he was still looking at the photographer for direction when they took the shot. Very awkward pose. You have to wonder sometimes how these people got their jobs. I like the close up better.

Top-Model-7 - Jaeda - "Nibble in the NIght" I have a shot of him putting in the fangs. Still trying to ge the bite shot. She was stiff --- he was trying.

Top-Model-8 - Melrose - "Lady of the Night" What was he wearing? A very old, dirty Cowboy Duster. That's a trench coat with four slits to go over a horse and still cover the cowboy's legs. Looks like something they wore in the war - the Civil War.


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