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In the Sand 

Laying in the sand --- OK - I can dig that!

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Date: June 28, 2003

Questions I have received lately
(and sometimes the same ones over and over)------

No - Fabio did not fall in a hole! Things are just "quiet" - and then ---

Yes - The fan-club photos are still on-line at

Yes - We will figure out how to sell the Fabio tee-shirts and cups from the website
- proceeds to the charity (about 250 of each - limited)

Yes - We raised $1740 at the last fan club meeting for the Leukemia and
Lymphoma Society - part of $2,000,000 raised in Northern California!

Yes - Fabio's E! True Hollywood Story reran on occasion
- you can check the E! website periodically to catch it next time
(we never know when they run it).

No - I cannot make you a copied tape - that is illegal.

No - I don't have any information on THOR or the Fabio clothing line. Not yet.
Supposedly - Clothing line is in the Spring this year

No - Fabio is not married.

No - Fabio has no children (that was interesting seeing that he is not/never married)

No - Fabio has never/will never pose nude.

Yes - Fabio stopped modeling for covers in 1994.
(If you see a new book with him on the cover ---- please let me know!
This happens now and then!)

Yes - Fabio is trademarked.

No - Fabio has no e-mail address - you must use snail mail.
The Office address is on the website.

No - I do not forward email to Fabio (see above!)

Yes - Rude, obscene or other irresponsible email will get your
address blocked. (Once in awhile----)
I simply don't have time to deal with that.

Yes - The webmaster is submitting "Adventures in Stalking Fabio"
and "Working Mother's Morning" stories to an agent. (Why I am swamped.)
(And they were rejected --- oh well - will try again)

Yes - Fabio said he WOULD pose for the Adventures in Stalking Fabio cover
--- Something about with the webmaster and a rope -----
But I don't think Eric knows this yet------- so don't count on it!!!
(Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.
Don't count your chickens until they are hatched. etc. etc.)

Yes - I will ask about him posing for DRAKO--- THE VAMP!

No - I am not paid to do this website. It's a hobby.

Yes - I am "official".

Yes - you can ask for an autographed photo - Send a STAMPED, Self-Addressed
envelope BIG ENOUGH for an 8 x 10; to the office address with your request

No - He doesn't respond to all the mail he get

Yes - He does get the letters - except for the stalker letters
- those go in the stalker file

No - I do NOT give out the office email or the office phone number

And NO - I never ask him the boxers or briefs question!

OK - that should wrap things up nicely for a few moments.......
For fun - search for Fabio on Google under images------

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I can answer a lot of your questions about Fabio

Remember that he is not on-line.

Remember that boxers or briefs is not an appropriate question.
(I would have to go look. I think he would object. Just a tad!)