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In the Sand 

Laying in the sand --- OK - I can dig that!

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Date: October 2006

Comments from the webmaster

Bubble Boy (2001) - play a guru - had too much fun
- not a lot of air time - 2-3 scenes I think if I remember

*** Acapulco Heat (1993) - featured in the opening (tossing his hair)
and walk-ons - a bit of action - he's mostly window dressing
- like the window dressing - show wasn't much - who watched the other people?
- fun to watch for him to pop up - Toss that hair babe!
And get a load of the "cell phone" - Hilarious!

Atlas against the Cyclops (1961) - he was a baby in this film
- haven't seen it - He made a darn cute baby! Seen photos.

* Zoolander (2001) - they have him accepting an award on stage
- pure camp (I would have passed on that one except for him)

* Dude, Where's my Car? (2000) - He drives up next to them (the two "boys")
- woman draped over him - cute car scene
I told him I didn't like the print shirt - I like him in solid colors----long sleeves
"But it was Vercase!" Don't care - like you in BLUE, Fabio!

Death Becomes Her (1992) - shirtless stud at the pool (one of)
- hands her a towel - can't see him on VHS - DVD might be better
- no words - they should have shot more of him !!!!!
------drool --- pause that DVD!!!! I like it best on a 52" screen-----

* Eddie (1996)- hilarious wig scene - he's in the crowd at a game
- big smile - lovely Red jacket I think - can't remember

* Spy Hard (1996) - they have him on a hill trying to take a
photo of himself with a small camera
- hair blowing in the wind - spoof

* Man of the Year (1995) - haven't seen it

The Exorcist III (1990) - won't see it

Scenes from a Mall (1991) - haven't seen it - Heard he's in an elevator
(Too bad - I would have pushed emergncy STOP! )

* as himself - usually a spoof

OK LADIES - STAND BY - He's supposedly in TWO movies this year (2006)
Usually as himself
- Waiting waiting waiting

Yes, he is in that movie [STAAR] as well as one called Asian Fusion (no data)
Both are scheduled for release later this year (2006). 
Staar will probably go to HBO  It is produced & directed by  Leslie Zemeckis

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