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In the Sand 

Laying in the sand --- OK - I can dig that!

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Date: October 2006

Well, he rolled up on a bike, painted a table. hugged a few ladies, and pounded in a nail or two.
Some women want to picture him pounding something else----- Great shot!

I SAID HE LOOKES GOOD IN BLUE!!!!! It's those crystaline blue eyes!
Yes - CRYSTALINE TOURQUISE BLUE EYES - startling up close

This looks like a cover shot!


Of course, he rode up on a bike! WHERE IS YOUR HELMET!!!!
Note: Fabio will not take me for a bike ride - says he rides too crazy (fast)
Even thought Johnathan told him I could hang on real well
Maybe he thought I'd hang on too well ----- well, a girl can dream can't she?

Read about another visit to home building - yes, the man can use power tools!

Great. 'Cause I have some -------



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