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In the Sand 

Laying in the sand --- OK - I can dig that!

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Date: January 23, 2007

Fabio calls it corny and hates it. (Done in 1993)

I write erotic love scenes to it.

People are still hunting it down - eBay is where it pops up now and then.

Websites get created to discuss 1) the music, and 2) his accent. HEY! We women LOVE that accent. We fantacize teaching him English - over a long period of time----- mostly while taking a break -----

First time I went to dinner (a charity function) with him, I automatically corrected his pronunciation while walking in. I am a mother. I raised two sons. I am the oldest of 8. It's a reflex action. On a hard brake in a car (should I ever get him in my passenger seat), I'd automatically put out my arm out to be sure he stayed in his seat. (What mothers did before child car seats were invented.) I was so embarrassed later! He merely said, "Is that how it's pronounced?" and never missed a step with those long legs. "Yes," I said meekly, hurrying along wth him in a long tight evening dress that did not allow me to run away very fast. Oh Lord! I have tried not to repeat myself.

I will argue with him over a woman's need for chocolate, however. Some things are more sacred than unattainable hunks!

Fabio Album Cover

Fabio Album Cover-back

And of course - the album came with photos ---- Now - I want a photo of him doing this with his new, shiny, black Lamborghini! And, of course (of course) - I want to take said photo!!!!!! Sign me "never to old" Sigh!

"Fabio After Dark" was released in June 1993. The highlight of the album is "When Somebody Loves Somebody", Fabio's interpretation of what was thought to be his signature song. The lyrics reflect his appreciation of all things feminine, and introduces an incredibly sexy voice his fans have never heard before.

Fabio shares his romanitc fantasies and advice about what makes things work best, "after dark", of course. [Romantic Times Magazine, August 1993]


The CD and tape sometimes surface on eBay.





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