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Laying in the sand ------ OK - I can dig that!


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The Answers to the Fan Questions July 8, 2002 Interview
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Bookcover Lists

THE LISTS! 6" Scans!

Fabio's Romance and science fiction/fantasy bookover list (1982-1994)
plus the ones he co-authored (1994-1998)

---Mysterious was the last and best book

Check - the "Fabio" picture book is there - $7.95!!


This page has moved from white-enterprises to 6" scans are being added.

These pages contain links to all of the bookcovers that Fabio has posed for over his career (he doesn't do this anymore). A number of people have helped and now that we expanded the site to 75MBytes disk space, all covers are being rescanned to 6" height - more fun to look at them that way. Takes a lot of work. If there is a busted link or a missing graphic - just e-mail me at and I'll track it down.

Dates added courtesy of a fan. (Wow!)

Thank you Linda, Karen, Rhonda, Nina, Tammy, and everyone else who sent an entry. And by the way, Fabio is impressed and says Thank You, too!

For those of you keeping track, it is very hard to compile this list since records were not kept. ANd the number of Fabio-wanna-be's messes it up. As well as the tendency to change the model's look (done by some illustrators). So this is not a trivial pursuit!

I left the ones identified as not his on the list - so if people ask - there is an answer.

Tina Jakes is helping me to update the lists - look for new additions and corrections as we go.
She finished her work - now I need to catch up!

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