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October 2010

From Fabio himself (October 2010):

Fabio is filming a movie in Italy for Italian film called Dreamland, he is
going to be there from Oct 26th to Nov 3 or 4th - he's a bad guy in this one!

Fabio just got a national Toyota commercial, will be aired from Dec lst to Jan
31st - oh good!

Fabio just did a Valentine's Day Special for the Food Network

Fabio just did a Christmas 2 episode special for Big Time Rush for Nikelodeon

That's a lot of good news!

From Fabio himself (July 2010):

  • He just filmed an episode for Disney tv show "Suite Life On Deck" - Zack and
    Cody are twins, was Suite Life of Zack and Cody for DISNEY
  • Did episode of "Big Time Rush" TV show for Nickleodeon (see below)
  • Whey Protein company doing very well, getting lots of celebrity clients
  • Film in Philadelphia delayed, he hopes to film it soon.


Fabio on Nick - He Did a Star Turn! Very Funny!

Fabio was on Nickelodean - the show actually aired on June 4, 2010 - click on link to see the full episode
- yes - you have to wade thru----- show is in full on the web and recently re-ran. THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!
One of the best comedy bits I've seen him so - WATCH THIS! See Fabio caught in a net! See Fabio TIED UP!
OK - so putting a net over him has occurred to a few us in the past------

Webmaster: We have moved our servers to Linux RedHat and we just came back on-line.
Yahoo Group unaffected. Things might get faster---- OK fan club members --- check out the site!
Make sure we didn't drop anything! (prob not - we used spiders to crawl the top-level and we appear OK.

Yes - he's got a bit part in a movie - but no official statement yet!

Fabio spent Dec - Jan going back and forth to visit his family in Italy. There was also a photoshoot - with luck - we will get pictures.

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From earlier: The People Cover - and the COSMO Article

  (JPG)     (PDF)


Aug 19, 2009 - People caught Fabio at lunch (Click for fullimage on

Credit: WENN;,,20298707_6,00.html#20659747

also see Stalking Fabio - Lunch - August 18, 2009 - LA, CA
- because Yahoo and Splash also had shots

More photos ----


Conan did another comedy sketch featuring Fabio. He's not on camera for the
sketch, but it was pre-recorded via phone. And Conan blew it-----

Video of the sketch can be found at the following link:

July 6, 2009

From the archives: 1994

Fabio 1994 Landmark Calendar; Copyright © 1993 Fabio Lanzoni; Photography by Jon Abeyta

Date:June 2009

Fabio in a cameo on the Tonight Show (6/1/09) - the First with Conan - Conan driving by----

Fabio says something about he wished he had what Conan has ---- I didn't catch all the words----
(all the little cameos were ohing and awing Conan) --- Right- dig Fabio's wheels ------

To be sure you knew---- the video gave us a clue-------- LOOKING GOOD FABIO!!!!!!

Fabio in a British Magazine Article The Guardian - Photo taken in March, 2009 (Barry Holmes) -
Photog sent me a second shot - love him in blue!
Thank you Barry!


Fabio's driveway-------

Fabio has appeared on Conan in the past a number of times.

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