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Date:April 2009

Fabio image shows up on Supernatural end of show tag

Yep - it's Fabio in jeans - clipped out art - slides onto a cover while someone babbles about real men
Photoshop - real obvious - Fabio image can be purchased someplace on the web - dated from early 1990s com/watch? v=x-tbkD5PiPo

Ever see this video? (Made in 1994)

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When was the first time that YOU saw Fabio and what was YOUR reaction?
OR - what was the FIRST bookcover and how did you react? Email 25-50 words.
We want to know! Here's a few:

I don't remember the first time I saw a book with Fabio's picture on it.
I do remember buying books with these amazing men and thinking the artist had a really good imagination.
I found out Fabio was a real person when I saw him on Regis and Kathy Lee and then I had to go and recheck all the books in my library. All I kept thinking was "He's real!!!"
I never saw a bookcover (I had never read Romance novels or had seen any) until after I met him. I remember him walking past me at a fan club meeting - at my first Booklover's Convention. I thought "Lord have Mercy!"
I became fascinated watching the fans. Since I had't read the books, I had no "fantasy" - I met him as a real person. Once I saw some covers and a calendar, I got it. Now I write Romance and 15 years later, he still considers me a friend. But, oh yeah, I get it.

My first bookcover was the one where he appeared naked, standing. Holy cow, I screamed.P

Ed. Comment: Yeah - that cover will melt wax! He did not POSE naked - he wore nude-colored briefs - but they painted him naked.


Man of My Dreams

Now - look below - which book would YOU buy???? (New cover on - old one on my bookshelf.)

The first time I saw Fabio was on a talk show. He walked out on stage and I lost my breath. I had never seen anyone so Handsome in my life. My heart was beating so fast that I swear I swooned. Tears were in my eyes and I was so breathless I could not form words. After that, I started buying every Romance Book I could get my hands on if it had Fabio on the cover.
He still has the magic to make me feel the same way.

Pirate! Oh what can I add to that? ME!

The first book cover I saw of Fabio was "Surrender my Love" by Johanna Lindsay. I was probably 30yrs old at the time. I too thought what a fantastic artist. Who Knew?? The first book I read of his was Pirate, I was hooked from that point on. I actually saw him in person, at a RI Auto Show about 2 years later. I thought "He's even more handsome than his photos. He has a much softer image in person." And what a gentleman he was. He had a genuine smile and a photo op for everyone one of the ladies in the long line to meet him. I was too shy to actually go up to meet him. Of course, I do
regret that now ;-(

Surrender my Love

I was shopping with friends. I saw the poster of him advertising a cologne. I stopped so suddenly that my friend ran into me. I didn't explain myself just apologized and made myself move on. I've not had the opportunity to meet in person. Maybe someday....L

ED: You can find the stuff on the web - I still use it!

For this: He was in a wading pool - they were dumping buckets of water over him to fake being at the beach.

The first time that I saw Fabio was on TV, I don't remember the program, but Fabio was modeling in a loin cloth, holding a stick on the beach. I was a teenager then but I remember stopping in front of the TV, thinking that he was some fine man meat. Over the years I was very pleased to find that he is a kind as he is handsome. I've yet the pleasure of meeting him.

I like to read Johanna Lindsey romance novels so the first time I saw Fabio was on one of the covers of her books. My initial reaction - Where do they grow men like this?!?! My favorite book and cover is 'Man of My Dreams' which aptly describes Fabio! :-) This was probably early to mid-1990s at the local book store when I was in my early 30's. Every hero in these books looked like Fabio in my mind. I loved watching the ICBINB commercials as this man can go from a loin cloth to a tux without missing a beat all the while making women the world over swoon, myself included! I've never had the pleasure to meet him, but he sounds like he's as nice as he is handsome. :-) M

Ed. Comment: In the mid 1990s, the authors, knowing HE was to be on the cover, wrote their character to match his physical description. The new covers really don't do anything to sell the book. He did.

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