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Date: March 2013 - November 2007

Unfortunately - for some these images I have no source art so no pop-ups - Sorry - But we do link to Video and you can hear Fabio Speak

Put it on eBay - I will find it ----- Or someone will send it to me! The romance Barbie-Ken set undressed (I have the boxed set) We know he's a doll! (We have permission for the black leather shots by the way.) (And for the Tarzan covers.) (And no - I didn't undress the doll! It's not mine in the shot.) I won't swear to not wanting to undress the model--------

  Billboard Ken Doll - Romance Set Head Shot

He's done a rash of TV appearances lately - and the clips end up on-line - TMZ, MSN, YouTube - he's also had a clothing line at Sam's for a couple of years

Group Shot - Clothing Line

He's on the Geek Squad! He can solder! (man after my engineering heart!) Yep - good with his hands!

Fabio Solder Geek Squad


The THOR project never got launched - but the art was looking incredible - PIXAR! Where are you!!!! He's a natural for this one!

Thor Poster Back of Thor Poster 1  Thor Head Back of Thor Poster 2

He's in the news often - one charity or another - or a promotion - here's the third page of one aticle (they appear on eBay on occasion if you want them)
Men write from a position of insecurity (and come off bratty) - women get hugged and loose it (He has this effect -----) His hugs are great!
He also hosted one season of Mr. Romance (cover model contest) on Oxygen. He was great.

I Can't Believe it's Not Butter Web Site - enter the kitchen - click on the Fabio Grams (whenever he stops promoting this product - sales drop) -
Watch him rip his shirt off (these Fabio grams are hilarious and very tongue in cheek - gotta love them! ) (I had to watch it about 12 times to "catch" the shot)

Fabio - Intro - ICBINB Fabio and Book Fabiogram Fabiogram Pens at a meeting

Fabiogram Windy Day Fabiogram - Ripping his shirt Fabiogram Open Shirt

Never bring a pen to a meeting - eating grapes - and driving with your own handcuffs (OH MY!) - Man does have a good sense of humor - these are funny! Good delivery!

Fabiogram - grapes Fabiograms - Own Handcuffs Fabio BIO

More Cobio - the defence attorney - from the Spraychel cartoon series running on ICBINB wabsite ( (very cute) Nothing like a cartoon that purrs!
Lots of little in-jokes - the hair flip and other little remarks he just casually delivers - cracked me up! Good Job Fabio!

  Cobbio - defense attorney Cobbio flipping his hair Cobio won the case

More cover art - what dreams are made of

Inside Cover Fabio International Game of Hearts

Head Shots - Extreme Home Makeover - He was pounding a nail - People Cover Denuded of text - other head shots

Fabio Extreme Home MakeOver - Pounding a Nail Clip from People cover HEad shot - Candid HEad shot - Fabio MousePad

Fabio and Motorcycles - Extreme Home Makeover - he arrived on one - a recent magazine article (no scan yet) - and older PR shot (also in a calendar) - on-line bio

Fabio extreme home makeover Bike Fabio - Article Fabio Motorcycle (calendar) Head shot

Fabio is BIG on bikes - he used to race as a kid - attends many sports functions and follows them carefully - did we mention nearly 200 bikes in his garage?. -
The Ducati - my company (SanDisk) actually is a 2-year sponcer of this race team as of now (2007) - that's wild!

Fabio on Ducati Fabio - Yamaha

Yes - the webmaster hugs him every chance she gets! Little Rock Auction - and resulting LA date (photo by limo driver)
Tht blue shirt? 3AM - we lost track of time - photos by my late son Johnathan. 3AM!!!! (Up against the wall Fabio!)

Little Rock - Winner  LA Date Night Johnathan's close up of Fabio


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