Johnathan Wellington White 9/12/81 - 2/25/05

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In the Sand 

Laying in the sand --- OK - I can dig that!

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Date: October 2006

From the Webmaster:

Well - it is the end of 2006 and I have moved back to Fremont, sort-of, and run to San DIego every chance I get. I am working full-time and my become an official employee soon. Perhaps.

I am writing and getting ready to launch a new domain and a commercial website. I write technical textbooks, as well as romantic fiction. John's story remains in draft and will be eventually published. I am working on that.

Trim, the psychotic Border Collie, is disturbed by the move, Little Bit was too traumatized and did not make it (Cats do not like changes) and Ranger is as pesky and perky as ever. Trim at 13 is loosing her sight . She does like riding in the truck (If I go near a suitcase - she runs to the door. ME! ME! ) and we have discovered a liking for French Fries (only if hand fed mind you) and Chicken MacNuggets. We share. [Actually - the vet said I couldn't give her any more. The doctor said I couldn't have them either.]

My son John's Story:

Johnathan passed away February 25, 2005 from to much chemotherapy (one size does not fit all and they killed him) and AML - which was determined to kill him regardless, and which came back yet again, faster and stronger than when we started. It is pernicious and they had said - we either get it - or it comes back faster and worse. We still do not have a cure. And we (the world at large) also do not fully understand stem cell/bone marrow matches.

Please donate blood whenever you can. It takes a lot of plasma and platelets and blood to keep a cancer patient alive for the fight if they do have a chance. The average life expectancy for so many is 5 years. We made it 4.5.

And please register as a bone marrow donor - it takes very little from you to save someone's life. These days it's all stem cell transplant - 4 hours of our day - like donating blood. How easy is that to try to save a life?

Short stories - journal entries - Including "Adventures in Stalking Fabio"

Photo from High School Graduation (June 1999)
Johnathan Wellington White
September 12, 1981 - February 25, 2005
Eagle Scout with a Palm
Multi-Media Artist, Photographer
Beloved Son and Brother
Of complications from too much Chemotheraphy and AML Leukemia
Never Forget

Photo taken prior to First Stem-Cell (March, 2004)
Self-Portrait - Mom's new digital camera
This impish smile and his delight at new things is how I choose to remember my lovely son.













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