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Laying in the sand --- OK - I can dig that!

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Fabio and Mustapha Old Spice Ads continue to get clicks!

"Perennial heavy-hitters like Old Spice and Nike continued to dominate the viralvideo
field in 2011, using new executions to keep their brands on top in the webvideo
world -- but often benefiting from new views for old clips as well.
Old Spice, for example, became the most-viewed brand in online video for the
second consecutive year, primarily on the strength of three campaigns: "New Old
Spice Guy Fabio" and "Old Spice Man is Back," both released in 2011, and "The
Man Your Man Could Smell Like," the 2010 campaign that first made Isaiah
Mustafa and his chiseled abs into an internet meme. Old Spice's decision to hire
Fabio, whose romance-novel-cover looks helped put I Can't Believe It's Not
Butter! on the map in the '90s, paid off this year by refreshing the original
Read More Here






These guys are having too much fun! OldSpice Guy war started.... (also on Twitter)!/fabiooldspices Twitter Oldspice (Fabio's version) - no - he isn't writing them! THE DUEL - takes place Tuesday 9AM I believe - check it out

challenge Fabio OldSPice

Old Spice Hires a New (Old) Stud
Fabio Emerges as New Face of Brand in Series of Spots and Ads From Wieden + Kennedy, Portland

By: Ann-Christine Diaz

t looks like TMYMCSL, aka Isaiah Mustafa, might be moving on to his next gig now that a new (old) spokestud has stepped up to pimp Old Spice. Golden-maned B-Lister and bodice-ripper icon Fabio has emerged as the new man behind the deodorant in a series of spots and print ads out of Wieden + KennedyPortland. The spots appear on a new Old Spice Youtube Channel,, and also arrived via a spectacular press kit that included, among other things, a big sausage, candles and a "tailor-made" video dedicated to yours truly.

Check out the EIGHT YouTube Videos! AND THREE PRINT ADS

blowing Hair joke with Fabio Fireplace and sax Fabio

1) Ok - whoever wrote the captions on the YouTube posting is not a native English speaker - What they are promoting is the scent "Fiji"

2) Romantic places to be with New Old Spice Guy Fabio (Yep - they wrote Matterhorn)

Matterhorn Fabio Piano Fabio

3) Matternhorn again.

4) Rolling around on a piano - if you are over 3 - this is tricky. Trying not to hit the woman in the face (or have her duck) is tricky. I would have loved to see this shoot!

Next four:

Mesmerize, Lightening, Fun Times and Message in a Bottle

Mesmerize Fabio Lightening Fabio

Fun Times Fabio Message in a bottle Fabio

And More....Kite (his hair flowing lifts a kite) and Two Fabios.....

kite Fabio oldspice Two Fabios OldSpice

OLD SPICE PRINT ADS (2011) --- WOW! The fans are into these!

Featured on "Best Ads on TV" - I want a poster of the first one-------so do a lot of other women!

Fabio Komoto Fabio FIJI Fabio MATT


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