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In the Sand 

Laying in the sand --- OK - I can dig that!

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July 2011

HEADS UP!!! Watch for news on July 25th! New Art Too!

Keep up with news on our facebook group page - "Official Fabio International Fan Club" - or the FabioIFC Yahoo Group - both linked at the lower left.


(She was my contact for tee-shirts and cups which I sent - waiting to see how big this was - Fabio always a Big Draw!)


Here is the link to the official photographer for the fundraiser - you can see and/or purchase photos.:

MORE PHOTOS IN HERE - GOOD ONES (Some of the News Coverage)

These came from the office:

OK - From Florida Myotosis fundraiser---- in case you missed that opportunity to have dinner with Fabio

Starting with Fabio (of course) and going counter-clockwise:

This was at the Beach Bistro on Anna Maria Island, Florida, March 19, 2011.

The Yahoo group has more photos.

And Fabio was on CUPCAKE WARS - This looks like a promo shot - filmed in October 2010

I'll watch it and see if I can capture a clip (on DVR - of course)


February 2011

So the Daily Show had to weigh in------(see interview lower down) --- using Fabio as a spokesman ....

And made Fabio the author of THIS book----

This just made me fall off the sofa laughing.

Of course - based on one of our fav in-sets (Man of My Dreams inside cover)

(no - before you ask - he was in briefs - nude colored - and they painted them out)


Big Time Rush Christmas episode (in full) - FABIO

Fabio recently visited 'Your World With Neil Cavuto' ---- FOX NEWS SENT US THIS

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July 6, 2009

Fabio in a British Magazine Article The Guardian - Photo taken in March, 2009 (Barry Holmes) -
Photog sent me a second shot - love him in blue!
Thank you Barry!

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