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In the Sand 

Laying in the sand --- OK - I can dig that!

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  Date: July 2013


     Fabio Coming to Roseville Whole Foods



     Fabio will appear at the Roseville Whole Foods Market, 1001 Galleria Blvd., from noon to 3 p.m. on July 27.
     He'll also make stops in Sacramento, Davis and Folsom.

     California appearances:
     Friday July 26 Whole Foods Davis, Calif. 12 - 3 pm
     Friday July 26 Whole Foods Sacramento, Calif. 4 - 7 pm
     Saturday July 27 Whole Foods Roseville, Calif. 12 - 3 pm
     Saturday July 27 Whole Foods Folsom, Calif 4 - 7 pm

     Fabio on CNN - Cute Video!


     Another Article


     Fabio and His Agent Have MOVED

     The new mailing address for the fans/picture requests is as follows:

     Fabio, Inc.
     c/o Eric Ashenberg
     4712 Admiralty Way, #1110
     Marina Del Rey, CA. 90292

     Agents - email me Donnamaie@sbcglobal.net and I will forward your contact information to Eric.

     Office and photo request information

     Fabio's June Appearance Schedule (PDF)

     Check out when he'll be in town! Take photos!


      Fabio on the search for a cure for cancer - YouTube

      Published on Apr 29, 2013
      Fabio - On the Red Carpet of the 2013 Newport Beach Film Festival
      speaks about the Burzynski Clinic and the search for a cure for cancer




Fabio's 54th Birthday Is Just A Good Excuse To Revisit His Best Book Covers


http://hypervocal.com/entertainment/2013/fabio-whole-foods/ FABIO SENT ME THIS LINK!! CHECK IT OUT!

   From 2012:

   Webmaster Loose Stalking Fabio Again!

   Sept: The second image is Carson Lee and Peter Raffin (L 2 R) who kept me entertained while I waited in line.

   Click to enlarge

  Fabio Speaking to Customer - Watch that shirt   Lee - Raffin   happy customer - catch that bicep

    Fabio at Whole Foods   Webmaster and Fabio in Cupertino

  It was HOT, I stood in line over an hour, and I wasn't feeling all that well.
(I will NOT go out without DARK eyeshadow again!)

  It was fun watching people react. Who - oh! and the women who would run up - stand near him while he was talking to someone else - while their husband grabbed a photo. One woman did it twice. Boys (teens) ran up in groups to do these photobombs. Hysterical. One husband took shots - carried the camera to his wife who shoved it in her purse (not dressed to hae a photo of her with him, and also the line was long.)

  Let me say this - that body is rock-solid. He's in FABULOUS shape! And I got hugged a couple of times!

  then I got in the car....and right into traffic! Took an hour to get home!

  20MPH at tach 3 is 2nd gear (about to shift) - was awhile before I could shift.

  traffic slow   Deceptive looking


Fabio does an hilarious appearance on Conan

I will start by hugging your coastline
I will make you wet, really wet
I will pound your coast really hard with my big, big waves
Over, and over, and over
I will come in your port and rock your boats all night long
And... I will destroy a school.
..... Tropical Storm Fabio.......




Fabio and Mustapha Old Spice Ads continue to get clicks!

"Perennial heavy-hitters like Old Spice and Nike continued to dominate the viralvideo
field in 2011, using new executions to keep their brands on top in the webvideo
world -- but often benefiting from new views for old clips as well.
Old Spice, for example, became the most-viewed brand in online video for the
second consecutive year, primarily on the strength of three campaigns: "New Old
Spice Guy Fabio" and "Old Spice Man is Back," both released in 2011, and "The
Man Your Man Could Smell Like," the 2010 campaign that first made Isaiah
Mustafa and his chiseled abs into an internet meme. Old Spice's decision to hire
Fabio, whose romance-novel-cover looks helped put I Can't Believe It's Not
Butter! on the map in the '90s, paid off this year by refreshing the original
Read More Here

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