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Date: March 2013 - November 2007

Unfortunately - for some these images I have no source art so no pop-ups -
Sorry - But we do link to Video and you can hear Fabio Speak

MORE FABIO! - Click on an image to enlarge (if it flickers)

OK - I bought the Videos - then ran to Little Rock, ARK to the Make a Wish Auction (1998) and bought a night with Fabio! Logical.
Only $16,000. Nice Tax deduction. Worth every penny. (OK OK - It was just dinner folks! HA HA!)

Fabio Fitness fab 7 fit Romance Video Little Rock Auction Little Rock Auction I Got Him Little Rock

He gets used in ads and promotions all the time (with permission - sometimes without) - has raised $$$$ for children's charities over the years
Heat Index???? OFF THE TOP! I would love to have a better scan of this one! Notice the graphic was used twice.

Villiage Voice web wrestling with dolls Ab Board Ad Village Voice

He is a cartoonist's dream - People Mag. thinks so - Cobio is adorable (ICBINB Ad series) - The one done for me at Sea World is great too! Drool!
We also have a Thor cartoon - they never did the movie - TOO BAD! Go to CLICK HERE to see the Fabio Grams - Hilarious! Part of ICBINB website

Cartoon Cobbio Characature Thor1

His "Branded" books - no - there are no more - most have a centerfold (or inner cover fold-out) - Came out world-wide (1994ish)

Champion Cover Commanche Dangerous Mysterious Wild Viking Pirate

Fabio isn't just for America - He is truly International! Why we are the Fabio International Fan Club (Rogue German cover shown)

Rogue German Rogue

Comstock Ad - The SuperBowl Ad (#1!) - Horseback in NY (ICBINB Promo) - ICBINB Cookbook - and the Fabio Grams CLICK HERE - They are fun!
Frankly - he should be in more clothing ads - because no one looks better in a rugged jacket or Demin than Fabio!

Click Here for the 2006 SUPERBOWL AD Video

Comstock Ad SuperBowl Ad Horseback in NT - ICBINB Ad

Playing on his Bike (this one without a helmet!!!!)
Fabio has 200 bikes???? Have to check - Loves them! They took him off his Harley when he was modeling --- He's ridden since a kid
Now - I wince when he rides sans helmet and protection! (done for promo) Of course - he would not lack for volunteer nurses should he crash!
And he works on them himself ----- I had to repeat that garage shot ------ too cool! Like a man that's good with his hands!

Fabio on Bike - Wheelie Mechanic - Ad Fabio Book


He is an ads, on covers, and does occasional TV (backstage pass) - OralB Promotion (website)

RT Cover 116

He's been a billboard in NY for OralB and for National Insurance - Talk about stopping traffic! Dig the Hugo Boss ad - from early days - short hair
Blowing Feathers in the SuperBowl Fake-Out AD - We all went looking for the shampoo! GOTCHA! #1 ad for the Superbowl 2006 - not bad Fabio!!

Super Bowl Fake-Out Ad

Fabio's Image is ----- well, Ladies! Wipe the drool from your chin! All this and he gives great hugs, has a blinding smile, deep voice, love the accent
Want to swoon? Listen to him go off in Italian! PURRRR! I must go back to Rome and Milan - Do they grow any more like this? Probably not!
Dig the Tux. He looks good in a speedo (most men do not) and a tux, and everything inbetween! At least, we think so!

Black vest fab4 fab7 fab3

He has been on over 400 book covers - Romance, Science Fiction and Fantasy - Collector's Images!
They also discovered you could loose the female model - women just want HIM on the cover
- so they can put themselves in the heroine's place! Oh yeah! (Why the 6 branded books came out - see above)
Man of my Dreams lit people up! No - he did NOT pose nude. He's a good boy.

Conuuerer Cover Catch the Dawn Commanche Sunset man of my Dreams

His did SIX Tarzan covers - Artist said he was a pleasure to work with - hung on ropes - did whatever asked - no prima donna behavior
And his effect on the women models was --- well - it made everything easier! For many books - his shot was too sexy for the outside cover----- hmmmmm!

Son of Tarzan Return of Tarzan Tarzan of the Apes Scoundrels' Captive

And a series of Mystic Rebel Covers - be still my heart! Where oh where is a bloody poster of these! Holy Moly! Yes - I have these!

Mystic Rebel Mystic Rebel Mystic rebel 1 mystic rebel 6 mystic rebel 4 Mystic Rebel 3

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