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Date: March 2013 - November 2007

If you haven't seen these - pour some wine and click away! Be Patient - We are Working away to rescan them all!

Untamed Once a Princess Tiger's Eye A Moment in TIme Lovestorm Love a Rogue

If You Believe Highland Rogue Golden Temptress Fabio Fitness Fabio Fitness - Back A Time for Romance Video A Time for Romance - Video Back

man of my Dreams Surrender My Love Knight of Fire - Inside Cover The Betrothal Renegade Bride Sunlight Moonlight

The Shadow and the Star Hearts Aflame Keeper of the Heart - Inside Cover The Magic of You You Belong to Me Inside Cover

A Moment in Time Apache Fire - Back Apache Fire Apache HeartBeat Barbie Romance Set

Captive Rose Dark Whispers Joining My Gallent Enemy Passions Relm Passions Treasure

Scarlet Ribbons TheValiant Heart --- A Breath of Paradise Savage Betrayal

Champion Cover Commanche Dangerous Mysterious Wild

Conuuerer Cover Catch the Dawn Commanche Sunset Scoundrels' Captive

Inside Cover  --- Savage Promise RT Ad Fabio International Season of the Sun Game of Hearts

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar Son of Tarzan Return of Tarzan Jungle Tales of Tarzan The Beasts of Tarzan Tarzan of the Apes

Mystic Rebel Mystic Rebel Mystic rebel 1 mystic rebel 6 mystic rebel 4 Mystic Rebel 3

With Permission from the photog --- Loincloth (for a cover)

JAnice and ME - NY - the View Fabio Riding Fabio Retouched Photo

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