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Date: March 2013 - November 2007

If you haven't seen these - pour some wine and click away! Be Patient - We are Working away to rescan them all!

Apache Magic Awaken my Fire Behind Closed Doors Betray the Night Beyond the Horizon Blaze Caught in the Act

Cherokee Embrace Conqueror's Kiss The Darkest Heart Virgina Vixen Wild Scottish Embrace Back Wild Scottish Embrace

Defy the Thundar Forever and a Lifetime Hearts Lair Lord of Fire Love Me wwith Fury Midnight Star My Cherished Enemy

My Wicked Enchantress Night Fire Past Secrets Ravished Secret Fires Shadows of Splendor Slade's Woman (dup)

The Fatal Crown The Fire-Flower The Ideal Man The Way Home This Fiery Splendor To Share a Sunset Viking Captive



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